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What is a House?

Human interaction gets domestic in spaces which are more than just a plain answer to our basic needs. Those built environments show the evolution of human living through our history, and also define a research field for spatial, perceptive and constructive experimentation. ‘What is a House?’ deeps into how domestic spaces are depicted in films. Rather than using movies as case examples, they provide an open field, allowing to focus on how the stories are told, particularly through the use of single houses. By learning how some of the most prominent houses are depicted in films, we can better understand how modern domesticity is globally disseminated.

This publication is an academic production that compiles some of the work produced at the seminar ‘Living the House. Architecture and Film’ instructed by Rubén A. Alcolea at AAP Cornell University, Spring Semester 2017

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What is a House? The Living Space in Movies / edited by Rubén A. Alcolea
AAP College of Architecture, Art and Planning Cornell University
188 pages
6 x 9 inches